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Shopa needs your vote to make it bigger and better!


TL;DR summary
shopa needs your help making it bigger and better! Click here, then vote! Thanks!

About shopa
shopa is a social technology company that enables risk-free word of mouth sales growth for independent businesses who sell products and services online.

Customers of online retailers using shopa’s ‘share & earn’ tool can receive cash incentives for recommending products. Customers can easily share products they like with friends and if any of them buy, they both share an instant cash reward. shopa’s retail partner’s benefit from a network of personal recommendations.

The shopa team, led by Peter Janes, has built the clever technology with limited resources and they have already caught the attention of major companies as well as angel investors who invested in the business in August.

But shopa is not just about the product; there is heavy emphasis on monetising data. The team has access to valuable behavioural data, which will further help clients to understand the behaviour of customers through the use of powerful analytics.

The business has recently been granted a patent in the US as well as a global technical partnership with eBay and its companies PayPal and Magento to continue their progress.

049 – David Yack and Jonathan Carter on ALT.NET, MVC and Community

Seventh the in the Twelve Podcasts of Christmas 2008!

David & Jonathan

Audio man Zi making sure it’s all good!

In this podcast you can listen to David Yack and Jonathan Carter very eloquently discussing ALT.NET and .NET 3.5 SP1 and beyond. You may hear me using to the word “opposite” somewhat out of context, apologies for that…I was within the “safe for podcasting alcohol limit”…it just goes to show that any alcohol and podcasting can be have consequences… Luckily David and Jonathan are more professional than me and carried on answering the question has if they had heard it correctly in the first place!

Recorded live inside Italian Graffiti (their web-site does need a face lift, yes?) near Soho, London, just after ALT.NET Beers 2, organised by Sebastien Lambla. There is some restaurant noise, please grin and bear it, one has to grab podcasts with superstars as and when they arise, rarely is there a quiet room to hide in!

Photos of the event can be found here.

Podcast feed – subscribe here!

This podcast: http://www.craigmurphy.com/podcasts/049-David-Yack-Jonathan-Carter.mp3

David Yack’s blog
The CRM Book (mentioned in the podcast)
Jonathan Carter’s blog
Zi Makkie’s blog

The Twelve Podcasts of Christmas 2008
01 – Kyle Baley on ALT.NET and Brownfield Development in .NET
02 – Aaron Parker on Microsoft Application Virtualisation
03 – Caroline Bucklow from IT4Communities: charitable software development
04 – Eileen Brown on IT Professionals, TechNet, Women In Technology & Girl Geek Dinners
05 – Stephen Lamb on security, community, Linux and Twitter
06 – Cristiano Betta on Geek Dinners
07 – David Yack and Jonathan Carter on ALT.NET, MVC and Community
08 – Andrew Fryer on SQL Server 2008 and “upgrade”
09 – Viral Tarpara on Collaboration, SharePoint, Open Source (Port 25) and Community
10 – Guy Smith Ferrier on Internationali[s|z]ation, VS2008, .net 3.5, C# language features
11 – Matt Dunstan on event management, “engagement” and life as an Application Platform Manager
12 – Stephen Lamb on his new role in marketing / PR

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