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December 22nd, 2008 at 9:44 am

053 – Matt Dunstan on event management, “engagement” and life as an Application Platform Manager

Eleventh in the Twelve Podcasts of Christmas 2008!

Hero of the day, March 19th 2008

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In March 2008, Microsoft’s “2008″ wave of product launches took place in Birmingham. It was a great opportunity to grab some podcasts with Microsoft Executives and many of their DPEs. In this podcast, co-hosted by Andy Westgarth, we’re chatting to Microsoft Application Platform Manager and HHH event hero, Matt Dunstan.

Photos of the event can be found here.

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This podcast:

SQL: What the Product Managers are Thinking

The Twelve Podcasts of Christmas 2008
01 – Kyle Baley on ALT.NET and Brownfield Development in .NET
02 – Aaron Parker on Microsoft Application Virtualisation
03 – Caroline Bucklow from IT4Communities: charitable software development
04 – Eileen Brown on IT Professionals, TechNet, Women In Technology & Girl Geek Dinners
05 – Stephen Lamb on security, community, Linux and Twitter
06 – Cristiano Betta on Geek Dinners
07 – David Yack and Jonathan Carter on ALT.NET, MVC and Community
08 – Andrew Fryer on SQL Server 2008 and “upgrade”
09 – Viral Tarpara on Collaboration, SharePoint, Open Source (Port 25) and Community
10 – Guy Smith Ferrier on Internationali[s|z]ation, VS2008, .net 3.5, C# language features
11 – Matt Dunstan on event management, “engagement” and life as an Application Platform Manager
12 – Stephen Lamb on his new role in marketing / PR

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