[UK] – Vista Squad User Group meeting 31/01/08, Reading @ 1800

Location: Microsoft, Thames Valley Park, Reading
Date: 31st January 2008
Time: 6pm

Microsoft’s James O’Neill and Vista Squad’s Ray Booysen will be giving a talk on Windows Server 2008 and Virtualisation.

They will show us some more detail on Silverlight. Some exciting give-aways at this meeting, one copy of Windows Vista Ultimate courtesy of Microsoft and 2 free licenses for Resharper courtesy of Jetbrains.

Further information about this event and Vista Squad can be found here.

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Web-cast: 24-01-2008 @ 1600 GMT – “Event organising with Live Meeting 2007 and Round Table”

Chris Dalby, Live Meeting guru extraordinaire, is holding a web-cast tomorrow at 1600 GMT. Microsoft’s Mark Deakin is also going to be present, so if you’re looking for any advice about Live Meeting or unified communications, this is the web-cast for you!

Event organising with Live Meeting 2007 and Round TableDate: Wednesday January 24th 2007, 4pm GMT
Speakers: Chris Dalby: Live Meeting User Group and Mark Deakin, Microsoft UK
Where: Online – Live Meeting webcast
Product: Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007
Audience(s): Users, presenters, developers and resellers of Live Meeting
Duration: 60 Minutes ish
Language: English.

More information and sign up details can be found here:


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CardSpace web-cast – 6th February 2008 at 8pm

Barry’s delivering an MSDN geekSpeak session next month.

Barry Dorrans talks about problems and solutions when implementing a Windows CardSpace identity provider in the real world.

More details, and a means of submitting your own questions, can be found here:


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[UK] Edinburgh – MSDN Events

Windows Server 2008 for developers – 23rd and 24th January 2008 – sign up here.

Session 1: Windows Server 2008 Part 1 and Session 2: Windows Server 2008 Part 2
Whether you are building Web applications or writing core server-based system services, Windows Server 2008 provides many new features that you can leverage to build more secure, flexible, and innovative applications. In this 2-session event we will go through the “Top 7 Ways to Light Up Your Apps on Windows Server 2008”. Demos will include IIS7, PowerShell, Transactional File System (TxF), restart/recovery APIs plus more.

Building Dynamic Web Applications with Microsoft Silverlight – 19th and 20th February 2008 – sign up here.

Silverlight is Microsoft’s new cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering rich media experiences and interactive applications for the Web. Silverlight provides a highly productive platform for designers and developers to collaborate in building a new generation of web experiences enabling you to build visually stunning interactive content and applications that run on multiple browsers and operating systems.

Join us for a spin around the XAML Canvas to experience the capabilities of the Silverlight platform. We’ll take an in depth look at what Silverlight is and how we can make use of it in web applications. We’ll look at both the 1.0 and 1.1 versions of the technology and probe into the programming model and tools you’ll need to build compelling Silverlight applications. We’ll also look at some related topics such as calling back-end services and asynchronous content download.

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Free C# 3.0 Training

I am pleased to announce that InnerWorkings, one of the sponsors for DDD6 last November are keeping their free training offer open for a little longer! Huge thanks to InnerWorkings for their generosity!

InnerWorkings has teamed up with DDD 6 to offer you 1 hour of completely FREE training on Visual Studio 2008. So if you want to know more about the important new features in C# 3.0, check out the following hands-on learning material:

Anonymous types and Object and Collection initializers (30 minutes)
Basic LINQ queries (30 minutes)

To claim your free training, please visit this page:

InnerWorkings also offer trials of their other training:

Object Oriented Programming with Visual C# 2005
Object Oriented Programming with Visual Basic 2005
ASP.NET Web Development with Visual C# 2005
ASP.NET Web Development with Visual Basic 2005
Programming with Visual C# 2003
Programming with Visual Basic 2003
Using ASP.NET AJAX Extensions with Visual C# 2005
Using ASP.NET AJAX Extensions with Visual Basic 2005

Catch up with the InnerWorkings blogs over here.

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