DDD Ireland – Registration is now open!

I am pleased to announce that registration for DDD Ireland is now open!

The registration page is here:

The agenda is here:

DDD Ireland Special – WCF In Depth
We are pleased to announce that Dominick Baier and Christian Weyer (both from thinktecture) and Daniel Fisher and Michael Willers (both from devcoach) will be delivering a full day of WCF.

Dominick and Christian will be taking half a day to cover WCF In Action, including a practical introduction and tips & tricks. Daniel and Michael will be also be taking a half day to cover Distributed Apps using AJAX and WCF.

Dom, Christian, Dan and Michael are mainstream speakers, normally seen at major conferences. Similar training would normally entail a financial outlay – not this training, it’s completely free! This is a rare opportunity to immerse yourself in the WCF, not to be missed!

Ah go on.

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DDD Ireland – May 3rd 2008, Galway – FREE developer event

DDD Logo

Phil was, AFAIK, first to get the drums out and start the DDD Ireland beats sounding here in blogsphere!

The web-site itself carries most of the salient information, however do expect it to change its look’n’feel over the next few weeks – we’re planning to adopt the full Silverlight experience!

This is a DDD-styled event, insomuch as it’s held on a Saturday, it’s free, there are no Microsoft speakers on the agenda, there’s a mix of regular experienced speakers and a few fresh faces and there’s an excellent opportunity for a social activity afterwards!

As of today, there is an agenda available: please, do expect this to change a little bit between now and the event itself. One or two of the speakers are still awaiting the outcome of other commitments.

Over the weeks leading up to the event, we are hoping to publish a number of 5-minute videos from the speakers. These videos will give you a sneak peek at the session content, the speaker and will hopefully help you decide which sessions you want to attend!

In addition to the agenda’s five tracks, there is a WCF In Depth track where you can immerse yourself in the Windows Communication Foundation, learning from Dominick Baier, Christian Weyer, Daniel Fisher and Michael Willers (blog/URL tbc, podcast here). This is essentially a full day’s worth of training that won’t cost you a penny in attendance charges!

In the mean-time, please feel free to keep the jungle drums beating by passing news of this event on to all who might be interested. If you are a Facebook user, we do have a group and an event setup already.

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Free Microsoft Press E-Book (Introducing Microsoft LINQ)

Via the MSDN Ireland blog and Mick Lohan, I discovered an e-Book and some sample chapters are available for free download.

Introducing Microsoft LINQ
by Paolo Pialorsi and Marco Russo
ISBN: 9780735623910

Chapter 1: LINQ Introduction
Chapter 2: C# Language Features
Chapter 3: Visual Basic 9.0 Language Features
Chapter 4: LINQ Syntax Fundamentals
Chapter 5: LINQ to ADO.NET
Chapter 6: LINQ to XML

Introducing Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX
by Dino Esposito
ISBN: 9780735624139

Chapter 1: The AJAX Revolution
Chapter 5: The AJAX Control Toolkit

Introducing Microsoft Silverlight 1.0
by Laurence Moroney
ISBN: 9780735625396

Chapter 1: Silverlight and User Experience
Chapter 5: Programming Silverlight with JavaScript

Here’s the link you’ll need:


Original post via Ronan Geraghty.

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[Event] Agile Malta – 19th February 2008

1st International Conference on
Agile Development Malta 2008
The 2008 Agile Gathering is the 1st International Conference on Agile Development, to be held on February 19th, is the first event to be held in Malta section that focuses specifically on the topics of agility within the software development process. The event brings together leading industrial practitioners and users of agile within the fields of information systems and software engineering and targets the practical applications and implications of agile methods.

The conference aims to put people in touch with other agile practitioners on the Maltese islands, and give attendees an overview of practical experiences gained by companies and individuals currently practicing Scrum and other agile methods. The conference is targeted at executives, managers, software development practitioners and software engineering students.

The conference is not intended to be a place for instruction but rather an occasion for the exchange of information on agile software development in general.

Event web-site: http://www.agilemalta.com

The agenda can be found here: http://www.agilemalta.com/2008programme.php

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