Alex Homer is coming to Edinburgh

Excellent news, Alex Homer (of ASPToday, Wrox Press and Addison-Welsey fame) is coming to Edinburgh on the 12th of April 2005. Rumour has it, Dave Sussman might be there too! Alex and/or Dave will be presenting at the end of the first MSDN Roadshow day.

Take a look at what Scottish Developers have said about it here.


On Saturday I played my first ever game of paintball, with my VBUG buddies, Graham, George and Geoff (the 3Gs?)

I have to say it was rather enjoyable and I would go back, despite feeling rather sore the next day!

Sadly we made a tactical error, we split ourselves over two teams. Clearly a group of four would have made for more tactical play, even though we mixed a Delphi-head with the Visual Basic-heads!

The day started at about 1000 and ran to about 1600ish (I left at 1500). I played 5 games out of a probable 7.

The Bedlam organisation was good: there are seven play zones or battlegrounds each about 100m long by 30m wide. Our instructor was Chris, he knew his stuff and made sure we all enjoyed ourselves.

Boy, those pellets hurt! They don’t taste very nice as I discovered! (despite a face mask, a pellet still exploded and made it to my chin!)

Kudos to Graham for suggesting paintballing!