UK – April 18th – WebDD @ TVP


– With all the latest stuff from MIX 09

Microsoft’s annual MIX event is where they reveal their future strategy & technology – what’s happening with Silverlight, Expression, Live, MSN and advertising.

If you are unable to go then we’ve timed WebDD’09 so we get the latest juice – some of the speakers will be at MIX 09 – and have the opportunity to see what it actually means to us in the web development community and what we can do with the announcements.

What do you get at WebDD’09?
Get an independent view of Microsoft’s new stuff
Time with other web community types – it’s run by the community for the community
Choice of two tracks of technical content running throughout the day
Good content – no fluffiness (or Marketing!)
Lunch and beverages throughout the day with choices for the vegetarian and carnivore inclined
Oh yeah and thanks to Microsoft’s sponsorship the event is TOTALLY free!

April 18th 2009 – Saturday

Microsoft’s Thames Valley Park Campus, Reading



C# Lists, updated to use LINQ

During 2006 I wrote a post about C# Lists. Of course, technology moves on, C# is no exception to that rule.

Whilst the examples I used in the 2006 blog entry still work today, LINQ heralds further levels of elegance and reduced the number of lines of code required to achieve the same results.

Here are the examples updated to use LINQ:

[code lang=”C#”]
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;

namespace ConsoleApplication1
class Program
public class Person
public int age;
public string name;

public Person(int age, string name)
this.age = age; = name;

static void Main(string[] args)
Listpeople = new List();

people.Add(new Person(50, “Fred”));
people.Add(new Person(30, “John”));
people.Add(new Person(26, “Andrew”));
people.Add(new Person(24, “Xavier”));
people.Add(new Person(5, “Mark”));
people.Add(new Person(6, “Cameron”));

var unsorted = from p in people select p;
var sortedByAge = from p in people orderby p.age select p;
var theYoung = from p in people where p.age < 25 select p; var sortedByName = from p in people orderby select p; foreach (var p1 in sortedByName) Console.WriteLine(string.Format("{0} {1}",,p1.age)); Console.ReadLine(); } } } [/code] On line 38, simply replace sortedByName with any of the other result sets. The use of LINQ in this simple example does demonstrate increased readability - the LINQ expressions are easier to understand than those present in the 2006 blog entry. If lines of code are your metric (and for some they are!), the LINQ version's conciseness does mean a reduction in the LOC count.

Net Developer Roles – C# 3.5, ASP.NET MVC, AGILE, TDD – East Kilbride – NetIDme Ltd.

.Net Developer Roles, Competitive Salary @ NetIDme Ltd.
East Kilbride, Scotland, UK

We are looking for a number of .Net developers, both senior and junior, to join our team in Scotland,UK developing exciting products in the digital identity and communications arena. You should be happy working for a cutting edge, dynamic, fast moving company.

Developers must be able to demonstrate the following skills and experience:

  • Experience with C# and ASP.NET
  • A strong grasp of object-oriented design
  • Ability to produce quality code across all layers of a web application stack
  • 3+ years development experience on commercial or open source projects

Experience in any of the following areas will prove advantageous:


Send your CV to:, including an indication of your salary expectation.

Please Note: All prospective employees must undergo a Disclosure Scotland check


OpenID,Information Cards, CardSpace, ASP.NET MVC, TDD, nHibernate,Castle Project

057 – Matt Lacey on Windows Mobile…

Podcast feed – subscribe here!

In this show I’m talking with Matt Lacey about Windows Mobile, the devices that you might meet if you are developing for the mobile market, the challenges that present themselves and the solutions that are in place. Matt also tells us what tools we need in order to develop or target mobile devices.

This podcast:

Matt on Twitter
Matt’s web-site
DevEvening user group

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056 – Paolo Barone on academia, XNA, Silverlight, Twitter and Windows 7

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In this show, I’m joined by Microsoft Academic Evangelist Paolo Barone. We talk about Paolo’s role promoting Microsoft and .net in academia, XNA, Silverlight, Twitter and close with a chat about Windows 7. You’ll also get a chance to hear my [dreadful] attempt to close the podcast in Paolo’s native language!

During our chat about Twitter and Windows 7, we noted that Steven Sinofsky was very open to community feedback…hopefully this short recording is enough to convince Steven to join us all on Twitter where feedback is almost constant, first-hand and directly addressable!

This podcast:

Paolo’s blog
Paolo on Twitter
Steven Sinofsky, Senior Vice President, Windows and Windows Live Engineering Group

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UK, London 20-24 April 2009: Windows OS Internals & Advanced Troubleshooting

US MVP David Solomon is running a Windows OS Internals & Advanced Troubleshooting

April 20th -24th

London, UK

A public offering of David Solomon Expert Seminar’s hands-on Windows OS Internals & Advanced Troubleshooting class is taking place in London on April 20-24. Gain a deep understanding of the internals of the core operating system components and how to leverage advanced troubleshooting tools to dig beneath the surface when things go wrong.

The URL to register and for more details is

055 – Andrew Burnett on SEO, Twitter, Talk 107

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In this show, Andrew Burnett shares his experiences of Search Engine Optimisation, Twitter and radio broadcasting. Andrew’s claim to fame, or “ego stroke” as Andrew refers to it in the podcast, is appearing at the top of a list of Top 83 tweets of 2008!

Twitter to implement OAuth?
I mentioned Twitter authentication in this podcast. Specifically I was thinking about OAuth. Further information can be found here and here.

This podcast:

Andrew Burnett Webarchitecture
Andrew on Twitter
Zappos on Twitter
Being Visible, Or My Theory On Avatars
Loic Le Meur on Twitter

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3 * DDD – DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper!

April and May 2009 are shaping up to be busy months for DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper!

First up, on the 4th of April, there is DDD Belfast. With a dedicated MVC track, this promises to be a event not to be missed! The full agenda can be found here. To register (to attend), please click here. The hash tag that’s already in use for this event is: #DDDBelfast

Next, on the 2nd of May, there is DDD Glasgow. All the information you’ll need can be found here.

The 23rd of May sees DDD South-West in Taunton (not Exeter as I had previously thought!). Click here to register (to attend) for this event!

The beady-eyed amongst may have noticed! This is a new portal site that we created in 2009 (huge thanks to @plip and @davesussman). We’re hoping to use this portal as the primary means of accessing all DDD events in the future. Watch that space!

Of course, regional DDD events doesn’t mean the end of the “Big Daddy” DDD that’s held annually in Reading! Rest assured that plans are afoot for DDD8, follow @developerday to keep track of all things DDD!

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