Epic @epicenter2009 offer! Buy one day, get two days free!

I’ve beaten the epicenter 2009 organisers up a bit and now have a special offer for five lucky people!

“Buy one day at €99 and get the other two days free”

To take advantage of this offer, buy one day via http://epicenter.ie/tickets.html then do one of the following, in order of preference:

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Huge thanks to the epicenter 2009 organisers for this offer!

epicenter 2009: 26.08 – 28.08: Dublin: Microsoft, Open Source, Web and Java sessions!

What: epicenter 2009: http://epicenter.ie
epicenter is three days of software excellence – it’s a conference, it’s an expo, it’s a place to hang out! It’s for software architects, CTO’s and developers of all knowledge and experience levels.

When: Wednesday 26th through to Friday 28th August 2009

Those of you travelling from the UK, remember the 31st of August is a Bank Holiday: what better than a technical conference followed by a couple of days in Dublin over a long weekend? Ah go on!

Where: Trinity College, Dublin

Cost: €197 for all three days (Special early booking discount ends 6:00pm Friday 21st August. Online prices after this date: 1-Day €124.00 / 2-Day €183 / 3-Day €220.00)

The early bird discount does make it a very reasonably priced three-day event. If you attend for all three days, you can choose a free O’Reilly book!

What to expect:
The event has four streams covering Java, Web, Open Source and Microsoft. Each stream has two tracks (except Open Source): expect to choose from four sessions per track (i.e. eight per stream!)

Wednesday – Jennifer Condon / Enterprise Irelands 4yr strategy for software companies

Thursday – Prof. Barry Smyth / Co-Founder of ChangingWorlds
The Secrets of an Irish Software Entrepreneur

Friday – Colm Mulcahy / Cloud Evangelist, Founder & CEO of Saaspoint
Why Cloud will shape the Irish Software Industry

Marco Amoedo (MVP) / MS Dynamics CRM
Jon Skeet (MVP) / Google UK / C# / Code Contracts & Parallel Extensions
Robert Hogg (MVP) / Black Marble / OSLO / PM War Stories
Barry Carr / Independent / F# – What is Functional Testing?
Barry Dorrans (MVP) / Independent / Securing .NET Apps
Bob Duffy (MVP) / ProData / Microsoft BI / SQL Server Virtualisation
Keith Eccles / Oracle / Oracle & .NET Operability
Richard Fennell (MVP) / Black Marble / ALM with VSTS2008 / Visual Studio & TFS 2010 for the QA/Tester
Niall Flanagan (MVP) / Independent / SQL Server
Aidan Gallagher / Inish Technologies / Software Licensing for .NET Apps
Alex Mackey / Independent / Visual Studio 2010
Craig Murphy (MVP) / Independent / Introducing OpenXML
Phil Bourke (MVP) / Tipperary Institute / A Classic Games Portfolio
Iain Angus / Black Marble / Azure

Open Source
Francesco Cesarini / Erlang Consulting / Erlang
Jan Lehnardt / Independent / Couch DB
John Smedley / Ingres / Ingres CAFE / Ingres within Open Source Community
Helgi Thormar Thorbjoernsson / Websites Releases with PEAR / Migrating databases, just because MySQL sucks
Mel McIntyre / OpenApp / The Health Service Atlas – Python & Zope
Jeff Genender / How to & Being a Good Open Source Committer
Andrea Magnorsky / Monorail MVC

Jeff Genender / Independent / The Rules of SOA
Eugene Ciurana / Independent / Google App Engine – A Java HOWTO
Doug Clarke / Oracle / Developing with JPA and JAXB / JPA 2.0 What’s New
Simon Cook / SUN Microsystems / GlassFish / Java & Java FX
Werner Keil / Independent / STEM (Spatio-Temporal Epidemiological Modeler) / JSR-275 Measures and Units
Owen Hughes / Oracle / Oracle Database Evolution
Barry Carr / Independent / Scala – What is Functional Programming
Kevin Noonan / Canibalizing the Google App Engine
Rob Lally / A Scala Web Framework / Intro to Lean, Kanban & Theory of Constraints for Software Managers
Ian Sutton / Visualizing and Measuring Emergent Design
Tim Hodkinson / Liberty IT / Agile Development with Scrum
Anthony Swart / SUN Microsystems / Sun’s Identity Management Products
John Meere / Sun Microsystems / Thin Client Computing Live Demo
Tony Jewtushenko / Product Innovator / Software Globalisation for Java Developers

Marc Grabanski / MGL Consulting / JQuery Fundamentals / JQuery Advanced
Eugene Ciurana / Independent / Mission Critical Enterprise Cloud Applications
Barry Smyth / ChangingWorlds / Web Search 3.0
Paul Lynch / Hosting 365 / Cloud Computing: The Future Hosting ?
Robin Christopherson / AbilityNet / Don’t Make Your Web App a Web Wannabe
Helgi Thormar Thorbjoernsson / Echolibre / Coping with Cyber Monday
Dermot Daly / Tapadoo / Objective C for the iPhone
Damian OSuilleabhain / OS3 / Building iPhone Apps in an Hour
Romans Malinovski / &3% Less Fugly – the Making of epicenter.ie
David Rook / Realex Payments / Web Security #1 / #2
John Wood / iQ Content / Adapting the Agile Agenda to Interaction Design
Eoin Keary / OWASP / Application Security Verification Standard

Andy Gibson / Independent / Web Application Testing With Selenium
Peter Kovak / ESET / Malware, Cyber Law & Security Solutions in Practice
Urban Schrott / ESET / Cybercrime
Kevin O’Connor / Hosting 365 / A Market Overview.
Jonathan Forde / Realex Payments / Integrating into Realex Payments

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