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DDD10 – coach rendezvous point

Just a heads up for those attending DDD10 this coming Saturday…we have two coaches lined up (thanks to our sponsors Red Gate!)

In the past the coaches have been “right at” the railway station.

This year, they are a very short walk away from the railway station:

old bus station

We will have two willing and able volunteers “manning” the coaches!

The coaches will be at bus stop W1 from 0800-0845. They will leave “when full” or at 0845 at the latest.

In the evening, the coaches will be available from 1720-1745.

There will be a big prize on offer in the closing session (trust me, you won’t want to pass up on the chance to win this prize!) – the closing session is 1720 – 1730!

DDD10 Windows Phone Agenda application

I am pleased to announce that a Windows Phone version of the DDD 10 agenda as just cleared certification. It’s likely to be available during Wednesday 29th August. [Update: it’s here]

I have submitted an update to take into account changes that were made to the agenda over the last few days; hopefully that app update will make it through in time for the event itself!

I know I said it last year, but I do hope to add some features to the next version that will make it pull updates down from a web-site, thus removing the need for agenda updates to require a rebuild and re-submission to the Marketplace. With any luck, the DDD North agenda app will be the first to enjoy some updates.