035 – SQLBits – Simon Harriyott – On SQLBits and Dave McMahon in a wig…

On Dave McMahon:
“always entertaining seeing Dave…this time was no exception”

“whatever else…you’ll remember Dave in a wig”

On Martin Cairney:
“definitely knows his stuff”

On the event:
Always something worth seeing

Very well organised…timetable has been well organised

SQLBits, the sponsors: Microsoft | Idera
Quest Software | Solid Quality Learning | redgate

Simon and Microsoft’s Andrew Fryer at the bowling (Andrew’s got another great picture here.)

Welcome to podcast#35. Simon Harriyott sat down with me to chat about SQLBits, the sessions he attended and Dave McMahon’s spectacular close to his Top 10 SQL Keywords session (a video of this can be found below!) Simon’s other interest, as noted in this podcast are the Sussex Geek Dinners. Simon works for madgex, alongside Jane who also attended SQLBits.

Recorded live after SQLBits, some background music can be heard…and I’ve left one tannoy announcement in for Elaine Marshall’s benefit. That’s more of my comedy genius coming through – can’t you tell?

A Mac in Microsoft is going to feel a bit nervous

I guess it’s the most hostile environment in the world for a Mac [being used to deliver a presentation in a Microsoft building]

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Recorded at SQLBits, 6th October 2007, Dave does a good job entertaining a packed room of 120 delegates in a Top of the Pops style!

Video: SQLBits – Dave McMahon – Top Ten SQL Keywords

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