034 – SQLBits – Liam Westley, Matt Barrett discuss SQLBits and Dave McMahon

On Dave McMahon:
“the man needs a national tour…he’s a living legend”

“no embarrassment factor…will do anything to make a talk a great.”

On the event:
Really good day…very enjoyable…I do like these days out

Very impressed…definitely be back at another [event]

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Welcome to podcast#34. Liam Westley, a DDD speaker and SQLBits GrokTalk speaker, sat down with me to chat about SQLBits, database encryption, Dave McMahon, rugby, F1 qualifying and what he wears under his kilt. Matt Barrett joined us quite early on in this podcast.

Inflection. Pen sponsored by Idera.

Recorded live after SQLBits, some background music can be heard…and I’ve left one tannoy announcement in for Simon’s benefit!

Liam’s write-up:
SqlBits – notes from grok on using NTFS file encryption to secure SQL Server databases on laptop computers

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Recorded at SQLBits, 6th October 2007, Dave does a good job entertaining a packed room of 120 delegates in a Top of the Pops style!

Video: SQLBits – Dave McMahon – Top Ten SQL Keywords

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One thought on “034 – SQLBits – Liam Westley, Matt Barrett discuss SQLBits and Dave McMahon”

  1. Nice editing – the wonders of a Guinness fuelled chat.

    I’m wondering whether it was wise to suggest that TDD evangelists should take me into a dark ally and show me the way to use NUnit though.

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