029 – SQLBits – Richard Fennell on SQL Server Unit Testing

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Test driven development is one of the current hot topics in software development, but how far can these principles be applied in the world of SQL? In this session I will look at the principles of TDD and other testing options using both freeware tools and Microsoft’s Visual Studio Datadude.

SQLBits was another fine piece of event engineering, huge congratulations to Tony, Simon, Martin and Chris on the success of their first DDD-style SQL conference.

In this, podcast#29, I’m chatting to Richard Fennell about his session. I’ve known Richard for a few years now, as the photograph above confirms (regular followers will know that maroon shirts were issued to speakers at DDD3!) I was pleased to be able to catch up with Richard and talk about his session before he delivered it. Richard was talking about unit testing SQL Server (using tsqlunit), which certainly caught my attention being an avid TDDer.

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