017 – MIX07 – Hugh MacLeod – the inspiration behind the Blue Monster

[picture via http://www.psfk.com/2007/05/psfk_conference_7.html]

Welcome to podcast #017 – the one with Hugh MacLeod, the man behind the Blue Monster. In this podcast Hugh and I talk about cartooning, social networking, micro-blogging and corporate acceptance of social networking and micro-blogging. Recorded live just outside the Mix07 venue, there is some traffic and passing noise, apologies for that: I was keen to podcast with Hugh so I felt it important to fit in with his schedule.

Should you be afraid of the Blue Monster? Listen to this podcast to find out.

Watch Hugh wax lyrical over at You Tube.

Watch a video about the Blue Monster over here.

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This podcast:

Financial Times article discussing Hugh’s next project

gapingvoid Facebook application
Blue Monster Facebook group

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