NxtGenUG chaps on Mix07, including mentions of Scott Guthrie, Robby Ingebretan, Simon Peyton Jones

Following on from podcast 39, the NxtGenUG chaps have released podcast 40 – both of which focus on the MIX07 event held in London 11-12 September 2007.

After their long climb up the stairwell (listen to podcast #39), Rich and Dave reach the top of the lighthouse, so to the sound of waves, seagulls and foghorns, they look back at Day 2 of MIXUK. Amongst interviews with Robby Ingebretan and the ubiquitous Scott Guthrie, and between highlights of ‘Swagily Fortunes’, Dave apparently has lost his flute but marvels at Simon Peyton Jones’ presentation technique while Rich reminisces about the scouts and wonders what we all need to do to live, thrive and survive …

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