011 – Community Podcast – Peter Curd and Alex Sanchez

Well, show number 11, it’s short and to the point: we’re discussing open source.

In fact, it was so late at night, Peter Curd, Alex Sanchez and myself had consumed a couple of half pints by the time the recording equipment was started, we only managed to talk for a couple of minutes. But, the good news is Peter and Alex have agreed to do a GrokTalk at DDD6 later in the year! It was great chatting to Peter and Alex, I only wish that I’d recorded the 10 minutes before this show – it was a great discussion that led to the idea for a podcast about open source. I will follow this one up and get some more content!

Download the podcast here. Transcript to follow.

I have a new podcast feed available too, you can subscribe to it here – and it works with Apple’s iTunes!

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