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If you’re thinking about getting into podcasting, the chaps over at NxtGenUG have some great advice!

Rich and Dave recorded a podcast live during a recent presentation they gave to a bunch of us IT Community/user group folks here in the UK. It was highly informative and entertaining – I would expect nothing less from Rich and Dave!

One key takeaway that the boys gave us was the need for a transcript for your podcast – this has huge benefits as the major search engines index the transcript text, thus helping people find your podcast! Of course, it’s open to abuse…I don’t know how it happened, but somebody mentioned “Paris Hilton” during the podcast, you can imagine the effect that’s going to have! I wonder what effect it might have on this posting?

The other nugget that I picked up on was the ability to augment RSS content such that Apple’s iTunes software can find your podcast too. I’m not a huge iTunes fan, but there are plenty of folks who are, so it’s a case of learning to target the many rather than the few. It revolves around the iTunes RSS extensions, an example of which you can see below. Apple have written up a spec, but there’s a good overview of the RSS extensions here. Kudos to Rich and Dave for opening my eyes (ii, both of them) to that one.

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The One With The Live Audience …
The One With The Live Audience …
This is a first … Well for Rich and Dave anyhow, a round of applause on a podcast introduction! Its the first LIVE podcast, recorded at the Community Leaders Day (CLD) on 29th June 2007. In front of most of the UK key Community Leaders, plus a good crowd of the Microsoft DPE staff, Rich and Dave strut their stuff and talk about how they go about actually making podcasts. With a live audience and questions, this is a podcast with a difference, even by NxtGenUG standards … enjoy! http://www.nxtgenug.net/Podcasts.aspx?PodcastID=35 Thu, 05 Jul 2007 18:16:23 GMT
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Download their podcast here.

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