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Screencast – Word 2007 Content Controls

At the end of October 2008 I delivered an introductory presentation about the Open XML file formats and how we might use them from within C#, i.e. programmatically. Part of that presentation demonstrated the use of Word 2007 content controls and whilst it was the primary demonstration of the evening, it was one that prompted the most discussion. To that end, I have recorded an improved version of that demonstration, you can watch it here!

During this demonstration, I was using Visual Studio 2008 SP1, the Open XML SDK 2 CTP 1 and the Word 2007 Content Control Tookit.

I would recommend viewing this full-screen, double click on the video below to “go full-screen”. Pressing Escape cancels full-screen mode.

I recorded this screencast in one sitting, however during playback I noticed a minor issue with drag’n’drop inside the Word Content Control Toolkit. It wasn’t a show-stopper, however I decided to record the offending piece a second time – you may notice a slight change in background noise during that transition.

If you have any problems viewing the video below, please let me know.

Word 2007 Content Controls – demo from Craig Murphy on Vimeo.

Need the C# source code? Here you go: get the source.

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