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Event – UK – 16/07/2010 – Bournemouth Pier! #nxtgenug

NxtGenUG are pleased to announce their annual conference Fest10 will be taking place on Bournemouth Pier this year on Friday the 16th July 2010. It’s a great opportunity to take the family to the Seaside for the weekend, and catch up on technology. The best thing is attendance to the conference is free to members and just £59.95 for non-members.

We have a great speaker line up this year, Google’s Jon Skeet will be talking about C#, Microsoft’s Glenn Block is coming over from Redmond to talk about MEF, Ryan Simpson will be giving us the lowdown on F#. We’ll also be having NxtGenUG veterans Mike Taulty, on OData and Chris Hay on Azure, Plus Marcus Perryman will be talking about one of the hottest technologies this year Windows Phone 7.

You can find a list of speakers and their sessions here:

To register simply click here and follow the instructions on screen.

Parking, Hotels and Timings
Full details about parking, hotel accommodation and timings for the day can be found on the Fest10 site. The nearest parking for Bournemouth Pier is either in the Bournemouth International Centre (BIC – 20) car park, the Bournemouth Pavilion car parks (19/24) or the car park next to the Royal Bath hotel (18). However, there is also further car parking available at Eden Glen car park (21), Winter Gardens car park (22) and Beacon Road car park (25).

For Hotels, the RusselCourt is where the evening entertainment will be. Quote: NxtGenUG when booking, otherwise Bournemouth has a large amount of hotels, including the Best Western Hotel Royale.

Geek Dinner
It’s the Fest10 geek dinner – normal rules apply – pay for your own food/drink, and engage in great conversation, and eat fish and chips at Harry Ramsden’s. To register for the geek dinner, click here.

Post Fest Party
We’ll also be having a post Fest Party at the RusselCourt Hotel – If you’ve brought your family down for the weekend feel free to bring them along. Just register on the site and drop us an email on how many people you’ll be bringing with you to enquiries@nxtgenug.net

NxtGenUG would like to thank DevExpress, our gold sponsor, along with Microsoft, RedGate, PluralSight and Apress for their support in making this event possible.

NxtGenUG Podcasts!

NxtGenUG have published some of their podcasts from the Microsoft PDC 2008!

The One With The Ticket, The Witch and the Wardrobe…
Enter a show beyond your imagination, or in this case beyond Richie’s smalls. Yes, the Costall has a magic cupboard and he and Dave embark on an adventure which takes them to PDC Los Angeles 2008. However it turns out to be a very a short adventure when they get chucked out by an over zealous security guard! It’s a good job that NxtGenUG Coordinators John McLouglin and Chris Hay save the day by recording a series of fantastic interviews with such notables as Chris Anderson and Don Box who talk about ‘Oslo’ and ‘M’. Listen on…
Chris Anderson and Don Box

The One With Ass The Experts…
Meanwhile back at PDC, John and Chris don’t seem to know their Ass from their elbows (a career in marketing could be an option?), as the drink gets to them… Still the show is saved by some great content on Silverlight Controls from Shaun Burke and about PDC organisation from Mike Swanson and none other than ex-UK DPE Tim Sneath. Perhaps John and Chris might have sobered up by Part 3…?
Tim Sneath and Mike Swanson

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