TechEd 2005 – Viruses, Rootkits, Spyware and Malware

Mark is one of the guys behind SysInternals.

His session was littered with demo’s of spyware and malware at work – all running inside a virtual machine, so no harm done. Mark also demo’d rootkits and explained how they work – the concept isn’t new, but it’s only now we’re starting to see these things surface (and since rootkits are meant not to be seen, no pun intended, this might not be a surprise!)

The key takeaway was: “use more than one anti-spyware product”.

And if you’re using Windows XP SP2, always enable DEP (Data Execution Prevention). Here’s how.

I picked up some excellent tips and “fodder” for my soon to be completed and inaccurately named “The Seven Habits of Securing and Protecting Your PC” article…