TechEd 2005 – E-mail or blog?

A couple of years ago we were all happy exchanging e-mail addresses…this year, it seems that all I did was exchange blog addresses.

Why the sudden interest in blogs? My first few thoughts on this are: Blogs open us up to our readership, they provide a means of working out how somebody ticks. Couple this with the fact I can publish information about “a topic” and push it out to the world…no longer do I have to rely on somebody sending me an e-mail to which I then have to reply (actually, it’s easy to rely on somebody sending me an e-mail, the bits that’s hard is for the sender: I might take an age to reply.) Blogs alleviate this “waiting game” – if the information is published via a blog, it’s there and waiting for others to read. I find this rather interesting, so I’ll blog some more about this topic as soon as I have some content.

Here are the blogs of a few of the folks I met:

Korby Parnell. Korby’s got a lot of good stuff to say, especially about GotDotNet – thanks for the t-shirt and badge, I’ll wear ’em at the next .net event! Korby, Adrian Bateman, Maarten Visser (more here) and I had a late lunch followed by a very lengthy chat on Friday – we were discussing taxonomies, specialisation, association, adding meaning to searches, etc. The chat went on through the afternoon until we reached a point that we all had to split and head our separate ways. Watch this space…there’s a huge work in progress here, if only we can find it and specify it.

Oh, and if you take a look at Korby’s blogroll, you should find that it follows my “separation theory”, as noted here.

Betsy Aoki. I missed Betsy at a recent UK Community Leaders LiveMeeting, it was good to catch her in a couple of sessions and to chat in between times. I’ll be blogging about Besty’s TechEd 2005 sessions later this week – I have written notes and drafts in place already. There was, just to give you a taster, much talk of Robert Scoble (good talk I hasten to add, just in case Robert is reading this! Hey, let me dream about something!)

Speaking of the Scobleizer…look what he just posted. Lordy!

Eileen Brown. Eileen has a really cool picture of herself on her blog: I was lucky enough to learn about the history behind the photograph. My primary reason for pinging Eileen was to chat about blogcasts…Eileen and John ran a great session for MVPs last month.

Benjamin Mitchell. I sat in on Benjamin’s WSE 3.0 session, which, despite the video recorder not functioning at the start, went very well. Obviously the faulty VCR wasn’t Benjamin’s fault and he did a good job of padding until a new one arrived! Benjamin was at my end of the table for dinner on Monday night so we chatted about “how we get things done”. Benjamin and I seem to share a common thread when it comes to “how much work do we take on” and “how much free work do we take on”. There aren’t enough hours in the day… Anyway, Benjamin, Peter McMahon, Durgaprasad Gorti Adrian and I manned the “Ask The Experts” stand for many hours on and off. From what I saw, Benjamin has the “Scott Hanselman desktop“!

Mat Stephen. Amazingly, when I got back to my desk and tried to add Mat’s blog to my aggregator it told me it was already there. True enough, it was mentioned during the aforementioned blogcast session…I even had it written down in my notes! Mat’s some guy, I met him in the flesh on the Thursday of TechEd, then on the Friday we shared the same coach to the airport. Whilst at the airport we knocked back 2 * 1.5L pitchers of lager! We were also joined by three guys from Ireland…the time at the airport just flew by!

Anyway, that’s TechEd 2005 over, I’ve still got seven or eight posts about it to finish…tomorrow (Monday) I go back to my day job, so it might be later next week before they see the light of day.

In the words of Betsy Aoki, when asked about Microsoft’s policy on blogging (there isn’t one, in case you were wondering – isn’t it amazing how some of the best work is done without a “policy” in place?): “code smart, blog smart”