Project management – a series of postings

This is an early announcement that I will be publishing a series (i.e. more than one) of posts in the Project Management category.

Each post will cover a specific topic; the first post will cover Decision Making. The posts are my own musings and are based on what I have either seen, been told about, read about or experienced/witnessed (over the last 15 years). Both good and bad issues will be covered.

I might get the order of the topics wrong, however I’m hoping that writing them down will mean they’re not buzzing around in my head – you may or may not be surprised to learn that writing can actually be therapeutic. Once something has been written down, your mind immediately starts thinking about other stuff, well mine does (usually) and since I’m planning a lot of education for June/July, clearing my mind of some thoughts is a good thing.

The first post will appear later this week.

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