Agile project management using TargetProcess

I’ve just finished reviewing TargetProcess for The Delphi Magazine.

TargetProcess is a fully integrated “on-line” tool that aims to help us manage the lifetime of a feature and it does so in four key areas: requirements management, project planning, project tracking and bug tracking. What makes TargetProcess unique from traditional products in this space it the fact that it is centred on “agile” approaches to product development. Agile approaches tend to be iterative approaches, focusing on lots of small product releases as opposed to one major release like those we see with traditional “waterfall” development methodologies.

I was pleased to see TargetProcess offer direct support for Scrum, eXtreme Programming, releases, iterations, user stories, tasks, bugs and time allocation. It goes a long way to help us convince folks who are used to the waterfall model and all the frequently unnecessary upfront planning associated with it, that the flexible world of agile can be managed with the bare minimum number of artifacts and without the need for a fixed project plan. In other words, TargetProcess might help you sell agile to those who don’t believe it works. (Further discussion about “selling agile” can be found here.)

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