Living with Vista

Well, after six months of experimentation, and three Vista installs, I’ve decided to leave Windows XP behind (safely on a different bootable hard drive) and run with Windows Vista for my day-to-day work. I’m not short of people telling me that I’ll be reverting back to Windows XP within a short period of time. Nor am I short of “setup” and drive image tools. To boost the setup, I have 4GB of RAM and a 4GB USB drive taking the ReadyBoost strain. Acronis TrueImage 10 provides the partition imaging that I’m told I’ll need once I start to install things. For virus protection, I’m using NOD32. I’m hoping that I won’t need to roll back to an earlier point in time, and I do hope that a roll back to Windows XP isn’t required. Watch this space.

One problem that I did encounter was an error from Outlook 2007 during the send process. The error number was: 0x800CCC80 – “None of the authentication methods supported by this client are supported by your server.” Naturally I checked the mail hosts and passwords, they all seemed to be fine. Now, because I chose to use my ISP’s outgoing mail service, in Outlook 2003 I would normally authenticate with their servers, via the Outgoing Servers tab. However, in Outlook 2007, it seems that this requirement is removed, certainly for me at least. I’ve since discovered that this was reported during the Outlook 2007 beta programme: unchecking “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication” worked for some folks, but not all.

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