FinalBuilder 5 [Beta] Press Release

VSoft Technologies Pty Ltd is pleased to announce that the next major version of our flagship product, FinalBuilder 5, is now in beta testing and is slated for release around the end of October 2006. FinalBuilder is an Automated Build and Release management tool for Windows software developers and software release engineers.

Canberra, Australia. September 26, 2006 — FinalBuilder 5, the next major version of FinalBuilder has entered beta testing in anticipation of release around the end of October 2006.

All new purchases of FinalBuilder 4 from 1st September 2006 will be eligible for a free upgrade to the new version. All existing customers with current Software Assurance as of the release date of FinalBuilder 5 will also be entitled to a free upgrade.

FinalBuilder 5 adds a huge range of new features. Integration with the AccuRev and MKS Source version control systems has been added, taking the total number of supported VCS’s to fifteen. Also, Version Control support has been added to the FinalBuilder IDE via the Microsoft SCCAPI. This allows your project file, persistent variables file, and the project data file to be managed in your version control system by FinalBuilder. The available operations are: Add to Version Control System, Get Latest Version, Check Out Project, Check In Project, and Undo Checkout.

Some of the new actions added in FinalBuilder 5 include:

  • PsTools Actions
  • Serviced Components Registration Tool [REGSVCS]
  • WGET Action (HTTP Get)
  • String and Path Manipulation actions
  • Microsoft Deployment Project
  • Stack & Queue actions
  • Manifest Generation and Editing Tool [Mage]
  • ILMerge
  • Sandcastle actions
  • ADO Dataset Iterator
  • Image manipulation action
  • PDF Actions
  • Windows Installer (MSI) database manipulation
  • IIS FTP Administration actions

For the full list of what’s new in FinalBuilder 5, visit:

FinalBuilder is an end-to-end build and release management system; capable of automating the entire build process, everything from integration with version control systems, compilation of source code, deployment, and burning a CD or DVD. As well as increasing the speed and reliability of the build process, FinalBuilder increases staff productivity by relieving them of the repetitive and error prone tasks.

Pricing will remain the same as FinalBuilder 4, which starts at $379 per developer for FinalBuilder 5 Standard Edition and $499 per developer for FinalBuilder 5 Professional Edition.

For more information, visit the FinalBuilder website at

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VSoft Technologies is the leading provider of automated build software for Windows developers and configuration management engineers. Founded in 1997, VSoft Technologies are based in Canberra, Australia.

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