It never ceases to amaze me…when one reverse light is enough…

I know many cars have just the one reverse light. However those that have two, must have them both working in order to pass the UK’s MOT – a test that determines whether the vehicle is roadworthy or not.

I parked up at my local Tesco store today, with my mother-in-law in tow (not literally, honest), a gentleman reversed into the space next to me, I noticed that his driver’s side reverse light was not working. So I mentioned it to him as we walked to the store.

Imagine my surprise when he said: “one of them is working, that’s enough”. Not the simple “thanks, mate”, that I’m used to getting when I do my good citizen bit.

Of course, I responded with a simple: “oh, that’s alright then, goodbye”.

Now, if he were to turn up at an optician’s reporting that he was having problems seeing out of one eye…imagine his surprise if he was told: “one of them is working, that’s enough”.