Free: Acorn Archimedes – A440 – 4MB – Morley SCSI card – ARM3 – Keyboard – Mouse – PRM’s

I’m making space in my loft and have made the decision to dispose of my long-standing friend, my Acorn Archimedes A440. It has served me well: it got me through university (thanks to Computer Concepts Impression DTP application); it got me in to event-driven/message-oriented development way back in the late 80’s; it was a trusty friend, never let me down, rarely crashed, could be left on for weeks without a reboot. And through emulation, it could run most MS-DOS applications too.

Anyway, it’s going to the tip this week – I’ve seen it’s little brother the A3000/A3010 on eBay for £0.99p so I don’t hold out much hope of getting much for it.

I’ve got the RISC OS 3 Programmer’s Reference Manuals available too – they weigh rather a lot, so unless you’re collecting in person, I’ll probably have to recycle those 🙁

An Eizo 9060 monitor suited for the Arc is also available…last time I used it a few month back, the horizontal shift needed to be tapped before it lined up properly, but after the tap, it was fine. If you want it, it’s free: collect only though.

There are 2*160MB IBM SCSI drives, a Digital SCSI drive (I can’t remember the size), the original Seagate ST-125 (20MB, I think), SCSI cables (made by the bloke at Morley Electronics). There are about 150 magazine discs (Acorn User, Risc User, etc.), too many to list here. I’ve still got an Impression dongle, although I note that Computer Concepts released a de-dongled version in 1996.

Other stuff:
British Birds – CD ROM.
Notes (the Really Good Software Company)
Wolfenstein 3D
!Shares 3
Acorn User Collector’s CD-ROM No.1
Computer Concepts Compression
Holed Out
Archimedes Assembly Language (Mike Ginns)
Archimedes Operating System – A User’s Guide (Alex and Nic Van Someren)
Archimedes Game Maker’s Manual (Terry Blunt)
Morley Electronics SCSI Interface – the manual
Risc User Vol.6 Issue 7 (June 1993)
Risc User Vol.6 Issue 6 (May 1993)
Risc User Vol.6 Issue 5 (April 1993)
Acorn Archimedes World – Vol14. Issue 3
Acorn Archimedes World – October 1992
Acorn Archimedes World – January 1994
Acorn Archimedes World – March 1996
Acorn Archimedes World – June 1993
Acorn User – January 1996 – Cover mounted CD – Acorn Education, Products and Services Spring 1996.
A handful of copies of Computer Concepts Archimedean

If you want any bits of it let me know, I will split. I’m looking for nothing more than the cost of postage.

If there are no takers by Oct 13th, I’ll take it up to the recycling center.

If none of this means anything to you, check out VirtualAcorn, The Icon Bar, Acorn Arcade and RISCOS Ltd. and you’ll see what all the fuss was about!

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