New office, new location, am I using your wireless network?

We moved into a new office today. Our IT crew are here and are dealing with the infrastructure move over the course of Friday afternoon and the weekend. However, being the geek that I think I am (and some folks tell me that I am, so it has to be true), I turned up today with my laptop and “went looking”. I do a lot of travelling an as such use various wireless networks, most of them are secure by default, some are “open” but require authentication via a login and password, rarely do I connect to “any old wireless connection”, particularly the “open” networks with no security at all.

Today, it’s all change. This blog posting come courtesy of somebody else’s Internet connection. I don’t know who they are, or where they are (they’re close enough for me to get an ‘Excellent’ signal strength so I reckon I can see them were they to identify themselves).

It has been said thousands of times before: please, secure your wireless network. Even the most basic authentication is enough to put many “chancers” off. If you don’t you could find yourself liable to prosecution as “professional chancers” may use your Internet connection for illegal activities.

wireless networks

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