DDD3 – Pulling it all together…

Here’s a rough summary of what folks are saying about the third DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper event held last Saturday, 3rd June 2006. If you’ve blogged about DDD3 and I’ve missed you, it wasn’t intentional, please let me know and I’ll update this post. Once again, huge thanks to the attendees, the speakers, the Microsoft events staff and catering folks, it made it a super day all round!

[Updated] Ben Hall enjoyed the ice cream and the freebies here. Ben reckoned we should aim for Level 300-400 sessions next time…point taken.

[Updated] John Winstanley, previous speaker, write about it here.

[Updated] Tom (Albinson?) provides a good write up over here. Again, your comments about the technical depth of the sessions are noted and will be address next time around.

Richard Peat blogged about his take on the day here. Somehow, I didn’t get around to speaking to you, sorry!

Barry Dorrans enjoyed watching his slides retract after somebody at the back of the room “lent” on the switch (now I should have photographed it, but I’m sure it has a “lift up” cover protecting it).

Liam Westley, his “resources” are here. Sadly he won’t be giving you £5000 to start your own company, but he’ll give you a spreadsheet and some other useful tips!

1 Chap From Blighty, Guy Smith-Ferrier writes about his day here. Guy has written a book about .NET Internationalisation.

Zi Makki has posted some photos over here. There’s no way I poured myself a glass of wine like that…it was staged purely for the camera, honestly!

Phil Winstanley has stuck his pictures from the day here. Colin Mackay has done likewise over here. Colin posts a short piece here.

Dave McMahon reviews the day here. At the same time he publishes my photograph of Dave and ex-FBI man, Ed Gibson (now Microsoft’s Chief Security Adviser). Ed spotted Dave, instantly recognising him from the FBI’s Most Wanted list. This picture confirms Dave’s capture! Dave’s partner in crime, not wanted by the FBI, Richard Costall publishes a short’n’sweet review here. Here’s a snap of Richard and Dave:

richard and dave.gif
[Richard and Dave – caption contest: in the comments please!]

dave and ed - sm.gif
[Dave’s captured by Ed!]

I managed to catch up with Simon Harriyott, who I mistakely confused with Simon Thorneycroft – sorry SimonH, if you knew how many people I spoke to whilst at DDD3, you might be able to forgive me!

Jono Bacon writes about DDD3 and the interesting date the sixth day of the sixth month of 2006 – since I am a noted Metallica fan, Slayer are on my playlist too! Here’s a snap of Jono and John enjoying a beer:

jono and john.gif

Mike Ormond was there too, did you know that Word (in Office 2007) will let you post to a blog directly? Read more about my 9 favourite things in Word here.

Nick Swan, speaker, has posted his write up here. Nick also links to Chris Garrett’s photos. Here’s one of my favourites:


Daniel Fisher, lennybacon, makes mention of the event here. Dan, we organised the weather too, it takes some doing, but we know the right people! Dan’s running a conference in Dusseldorf, 27th July 2006: NRW06, I will be there, talking about test-driven development, unit testing, and automating code coverage using unit tests.