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Don’t be fooled… GoMessenger – Subject: You’re BLOCKED

I’m sure that regular readers wouldn’t be caught by this, however, it’s a timely reminder to be extra careful with your passwords!

I received an e-mail today “Subject: You’re BLOCKED” claiming to be from MSN Messenger. My e-mail spam filter reacted and blacklisted it automatically.

However, you might be tempted by its content, it reportedly will tell you who has blocked you on MSN Messenger…

My advice is simple, ignore it. There are a few clues on the page that suggest it’s not as professional as it seems: “This site not modify your nickname”. Why would it do that? Why would it need to say that? Plus, it’s not grammatically correct. These are just a few clues. Diving into the source code for the page, suggests that there’s some Google Ad scam going on too.

Even if it does what it says it will do, it’s still harvesting your password, which is something we need to avoid.

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