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DDD7 – where’s my badge?

A number of DDD7 folks have been asking me “where’s my badge?”

In the past Microsoft Events have sent out the badges. Attendees bring the badge with them on the day, the lovely events staff then “click” the badge to a clip and entry is permitted!

For DDD7 the badges will be issued on the day. Confirmed attendees should receive an e-mail advising them of this process. It’s probably worth bringing your confirmation e-mail with you…but this is just me being totally paranoid!

Hopefully this makes sense.

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Announce – DDD Scotland 2 – 2nd May 2009

Following the success of DDD Scotland in May 2008, I’m pleased to announce that DDD Scotland 2 will be held on the 2nd of May 2009 in Glasgow.

As usual, DDD Scotland will follow the same pattern as the highly successful DDD events held in Reading.

Barry Dorrans wins a prize for the most humourous announcement so far – check out his post over here! Barry’s use of McDDD, whilst possibly stereotypical, has made a few folks laugh over at Twitter! I’m not so sure about JockDDD, but I’m laughing anyway!

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