TechEd 2005 – SQL Server 2005 end-to-end development

Euan Garden and Brian Randall formed a double-act to make this an interactive session with some comedy to help things along.

Stealing from the session’s summary slide, this is what we got to see:

Less code
Client – Async Execution -great for creating more responsive user interfaces. This was demo’d using two grids with delays introduced using T-SQL’s WAITFOR – 5 seconds and 7 seconds respectively. Brian coded the example almost from scratch, demonstrating that without async queries the grids took 12 seconds to populate completely. With async queries, the grids were populated with a wait time equal to the longest query, i.e. 7 seconds. The demo’s were shown in a WinForms application and a WebForm application.

Client – UDTs
Server – Paging – SQL Server 2005 introduces row_number() which allows us to write queries that return specific ranges, e.g. 30 thru 40: a great boon for paging those large result sets.

Server – Recursive Query

More Productive
Server – Error Handling– SQL Server 2005 offers structured exception handling.

New Capabilities
Server – DML with OUTPUT
This was really cool. SQL Server 2005 lets us write something like: delete top(1) from table_foo output deleted.* – the result set containing the one record that was deleted. And it works with inserted.* and updated.* too. Neat.

Server – XML Schema File Loading