TechEd 2005 – More SQL Server 2005

Good Lord! Take a look at the “open table” menu option…it used to have a row limit option. In SQL Server 2005, the row limit option has gone! If you do choose to use the open table menu option, make sure that you hit the ‘stop’ button very soon after the open table process starts…don’t go off to lunch: huge amounts of memory will be consumed in the process!

The afternoon session saw the introduction of the dynamic management object (associated with DMVs, dynamic management views). The DMO replaces some of the functionality of DBCC – it surfaces some of the performance events, disk usage, table usage, backup and restore activity and user statistics (to name a few). One really cool feature is the ability to copy the DMO, thus allowing time-based historical stats to be built up. Indeed, the ability to fire a SELECT * from … in order to gain access to what was previously locked inside DBCC is a real boon. And it can be exported to Excel too…this caught a few folks attention!

Whilst I’ve seen it before, Kimberly demo’d the help inside SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) – it’s rather neat: it will work off the locally installed help, online help comprising of (currently) Codezone, the MSDN and a Questions collection (more about this when I get to it).