[UK] Fancy winning some uber swag? Become a Speaker Idol!

Ready Steady Speak!

Microsoft are looking for candidates to take part in a Speaker Idol competition at the upcoming Launch event of Visual Studio 2008, SQL 2008 and Server 2008.

“Ready Steady Speak!” is a mini Speaker Idol in which the contestants have been given predefined subjects to speak on for 5 mins in front of a panel of judges. There will be 3 categories: VS2008, SQL2008 and Windows Server 2008. We want to give your members an opportunity to speak at a major event rather than have recognised community speakers. So spread the word that there is an opportunity to a learn about the new products by giving a short Community talk at the Launch, with a chance to win a great prize too! Hosts and Judges will be in conflict over who is the best, so watch out for some banter and controversy!

In terms of numbers, we need about 4 Dev volunteers and 4 IT Pro volunteers to ensure we have a full competition. So far we’ve 2 volunteers for Dev presentations and one probable for IT Pro, so we spread the word out there to your members, particularly those active ones who may have dabbled in speaking and want an opportunity to have a crack at a large event. Excellent prizes up for grabs as well as accolades !!

If you are interested please contact Dave McMahon (of NxtGenUG fame) – Dave’s e-mail address is Mr McMahon’s first name at-sign nxtgenug.net

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