037 – Andrew Cherry – Windows Media Center – MVP Open Day

For any Media Centre PCs, I would put an NVidia 8600 GT in and specifically a passively cooled one…

Welcome to podcast#37. Andrew Cherry, Media Center MVP takes time out from mingling to chat to me about the Windows Media Center, developing applications for it and the uses you might put it to in the home. During this podcast, MILAF gets mentioned – I think it might have shocked Andrew – you’ll have to listen to hear how long Andrew was shocked for and to see if it’ll shock you!

Recorded live in the Novotel, there is some background noise, mainly from the 40 or so MVP’s who were enjoying the chance to catch up.

The MVP Open Day is a mechanism provided by Microsoft to bring together their MVP’s. Meeting each other is one of the key goals, however it also provides a mechanism for Microsoft to share information with MVP’s in a face-to-face scenario. It’s also an excellent vehicle for MVP’s to deliver presentations to fellow MVP’s – recursive sharing.

Photos of the MVP Open Day can be found at these locations:

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Andrew’s web site: http://www.digitallivingsolutions.co.uk/

Resources mentioned in this podcast
Media Center Sandbox
HP TouchSmart
Niveus Media

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