036 – MVP Open Day – a chat with Karen-Anne Young

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Welcome to podcast#36. In this recording I have the pleasure of talking with Karen-Anne Young, Group Regional Manager APAC and EMEA MVP Programme and Liverpool fan. There are two things that are unique about this recording. Firstly, Karen is the first female in my series of podcasts, certainly the first one-to-one conversation. Secondly, Karen travelled thousands of miles to give take part in this podcast. It’s true, she did…yes, there did happen to be an MVP Open Day at the same time, but that’s by the by!

Recorded live in the Novotel, there is some background noise, mainly from the 40 or so MVP’s who were enjoying the chance to catch up.

The MVP Open Day is a mechanism provided by Microsoft to bring together their MVP’s. Meeting each other is one of the key goals, however it also provides a mechanism for Microsoft to share information with MVP’s in a face-to-face scenario. It’s also an excellent vehicle for MVP’s to deliver presentations to fellow MVP’s – recursive sharing. In this recording, Karen makes some excellent points about what makes an MVP the person they are. It’s very much worth listening too, there’s even a little risqué racy humour at the end!

Photos of the MVP Open Day can be found at these locations:

Facebook Frenzy
Karen-Anne Young
Sean O’Driscoll
Nestor Portillo
Cigdem Akin
Dustin Johnson
Alessandro Teglia

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