Megatrain – Edinburgh To Manchester (return)

This morning, Monday, at about 0100, I bought a train ticket on-line.  I say on-line because most of the on-line train tickets that I’ve bought to date have either been delivered via snail mail or I had to collect them in person.  This is unlike the airline industry which allows me to print tickets at home, check-in at home, print my boarding pass at home (or in the office of course).

Back in July, I sat beside a lady who used a service called Megatrain.  Now I had heard of Megabus before, but not Megatrain.  I had a ticket from Edinburgh to Manchester that cost about £80.  My traveling companion had a ticket from Manchester to Edinburgh that cost her…£10.  OK, so I had a reserved seat…

So this morning, I used Megatrain.  I paid £20.50 for a return ticket to Manchester, taking the same trains that I would have taken had I booked via other on-line services.  My ticket comprised of a single sheet of A4 containing two ticket references – out and return. 

This evening, I used the return portion, got myself a seat at a table, laptop out, blogging continues.  As a first experience with Megatrain, it was a good experience and one that I can strongly recommend.  I for one will be looking into booking a couple more trips for October.  At these prices, you can’t beat it.

Factor the £6.40 ticket from Inverkeithing to Edinburgh (return) and the whole trip has cost me £26.90.  Not a bad saving.  Now, if only there was some way of an employee reward plan – make travel savings like this for three or four trips, then travel First Class for the next one!

How long the Megatrain service will last, I don’t know – I’ve heard that it might be up for renewal or even terminated in November.  Certainly for these kind of savings, it’s worth taking advantage of it whilst it’s available.  I’d certainly like to see it continue.

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