Here’s a call I received a few years ago…

A few years ago I was both developer and help-desk for an application that I wrote. If I’m being honest, the application didn’t require that much support, hardly any in fact. So when help-desk calls came in, it was usually shortly after a new feature had been implemented or when the client PC suffered some sort of physical outage.

You can probably imagine my surprise when I received a call from one of my fellow employees using a tone of voice that I would only use with a vendor who had seriously hacked me off and perhaps had failed to respond to repeated requests for information. I was so surprised, I had to record it and let his boss hear it. Frankly, it’s no way to talk to a colleague, especially a colleague who thought nothing of just jumping in the car and trundling out to site (20 miles)…not just to sort out issues with the aforementioned application, but to sort out whatever other problems existed too (because that’s the kind of guy I am…I fix problems).

Anyway, here’s the call!

And here’s the transcript:

Hello Craig, it’s <>, I think you’ve got the number, but I’ll give you it again, it’s 01324 <>.

I’ll get you to give me a call as soon as you can, that’s like today, within the hour, thanks bye.

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