Post-DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper (2)

For those who turned up at my DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper session about Managing Iterative Development Using Scrum you were privy to my ‘Scrum’ flavour of the Dr. Who trailer (found here).

I recreated all the sound clips such that I could put my own Scrum-isms in at the right points:

Do you wanna come with me?

‘Cos if you do, then I should warn you,

You’re gonna see all sorts of things: projects delivered on time, on budget, even ahead of time and under budget.

It won’t be traditional, it won’t be set-in-stone, and it won’t be waterfall.

But I’ll tell you what it will be, a change for the good.

Anyway, if you didn’t like it, please be grateful I didn’t do something that involves this video clip (26MB) – this is the one that took out the Ministry of Defence e-mail servers. Whilst on the subject of this video, Clarke has re-posted some directions that might be of use. (Mr. Thomson reminded me that he blogged about it before Clarke and that some editing might have taken place between the two versions…)

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