FEST07 – 23rd May 2007, Reading, UK

FEST07 (http://www.nxtgenug.net/fest07), the one-day Developer event organised by those NxtGen Boyz: Rich, Dave and John, is just around the corner.

It’s on May 23rd at Microsoft UK in Reading and the headline speaker is the outstanding Rafal Lukawiecki who has topped the polls at TechEd for the last 7 years. He’s speaking twice and will be talking about Vista Security and Future Trends in Software Architecture. The other speakers are look pretty good too, with Oliver Sturm, Mike Taulty and Daniel Moth being joined by Lorna Brown of Microsoft Research which should be a really interesting session. The Boyz are also going to do one of their ‘gameshows’ as a finale in which I understand large amounts of ‘swag’ will be handed out.

If you are a member of NxtGenUG its a free event. If you’re not a member its a measly £59.99 for a day of information, fun, food and of course ‘swag’. It’s not a Microsoft funded event, and the guys have to cover some costs of speakers and incidentals. To register just go the NxtGenUG site http://nxtgenug.net/fest07, its all pretty simple. Any probs drop them a line at enquiries@nxtgenug.net

This looks like it’s going to be special and different event, best get along …

Oh there is also a Geek Dinner the night before http://www.zimakki.com/wiki/Fest07GeekDinner.ashx is Zi Makki’s Wiki, and you can go to this even if your’e not attending the event itself.

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