UK Event – FEST07 – 23rd May 2007

What’s FEST07 all about?
It’s all about “Into The Future …”. We’ll start the day in the present, looking at Vista, and then we’ll jump forward a few months to take a look at LINQ, a great and innovative new technology from Microsoft. We jump ahead further in the afternoon, a year or so, with a look at how Dynamic Languages such as Iron Python are being brought into the .NET world, and finally we’ll end up seeing how the home of the future might look in a few years time …

We’ll end the day with one of NxtGenUG’s renowned ‘game show’ sessions where the differences between learning, fun, ‘swag’ and chaos become somewhat blurred …

It’s also about taking time out to get our heads above the parapet, get away for a day, learn some different stuff, smell the roses, eat some pizza, get some ‘swag’ and meet some friendly, like-minded people at a great venue.

Check out our full agenda at

Who is speaking and what are they speaking about?
We have the TOP TechEd Speaker Rafal Lukawiecki who will be talking on Vista Security and other things, our own Mike Taulty and Daniel Moth of Microsoft UK DPE Group speaking on LINQ, Oliver Sturm of DevExpress speaking on Dynamic Languages in .NET and finally, we’re very pleased to have Lorna Brown of Microsoft Research speaking on ‘New Concepts for the Home’. Full details about the speakers are at

When is FEST07?
Wednesday 23rd May 2007 starting at 08:30 going through to 17:45.

Where is FEST 07?
Building 3, Microsoft Campus, Thames Valley Park, Reading, Berkshire RG6 1WG.

Check out for a view of the location at :

How do I register for this event?
Go to , click on Login/Register and complete the registration, you will then see a link to register for the event. Any difficulties contact . We’d like to say that one of our good looking events staff will answer, however Rich doesn’t fall into that category. But he’ll help you anyway, so will Dave and John.

I’m already a NxtGenUG Member, how much is FEST07!
It’s a FREE event to all fully paid up NxtGenUG members including if you are part of a corporate sponsorship. If you are unsure if you are part of a corporate membership, contact

I’m registered on the NxtGenUG site, but not a paid -up member, how much is it?
If you move quickly and pay online now, it’s only £54.99! This early-bird ends on 31st March 2007!

Can I Join NxtGenUG as a member now and attend FEST07 and all the other NxtGenUG events too?
Sure, some people have already done that!

Look forward to seeing you at FEST07!

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