Scrum, Test-Driven Development, Refactoring and what’s next

It struck me that I’ve been a little quiet of late – I have been rather busy travelling and looking after Cameron!

A few things that I’ve been up to of late:

  1. Adaptive Project Management using Scrum. There is a slide deck here.
  2. Improving Application Quality Using Test-Driven Development. There is a slide deck here.
  3. I’ve run my refactoring session twice now. There is a slide deck here.

I’m also busy working on articles/editorials covering these subjects:

  1. Desktop Development. An editorial-style piece about 2005 being a good year for developers. It will cover “what’s happening to Visual Basic 6” as its primary thread and will touch on Delphi 2005 and Chrome, both of which will have a big impact during 2005!
  2. Product reviews of AutomatedQA’s AQDevTeam and DeluxSoftware‘s Delphi to C# translator.
  3. Using Really Simple Syndication (RSS) To Improve Corporate Communication
  4. Integrating With The Office Research Pane
  5. an unplanned piece on the Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO)

14th May 2005 – DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper!
I’m also working on two sessions for Microsoft’s DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper! . I’ll be delivering two sessions: An Introduction to Test-Driven Development and Refactoring in Visual Studio 2005. Amongst many others, Phil, has written a good piece summing up what’s going on!