IE7 Connecting…

One of my wife’s friends popped in yesterday. Seems her laptop just “went and installed IE7”. After the installation was complete, when trying to visit a web-site, IE7 would just sit there attempting to connect, displaying “Connecting…” in the solitary tab. It also consumed huge amounts of CPU time giving the impression that the machine was slow.

I know John has been lamenting about this sort of issue over here and here. And Dan was kind enough to offer his good advice elsewhere in this blog. So add-ons seemed to be the logical place to start. However, even setting the Tools -> Internet Options -> Home Page to about:blank, it’s difficult to get to the Add-ons menu in order to actually do anything with them. Of course, being the sly individual that I am, I used HijackThis to rummage around myself.

I was pleased to read this Microsoft posting that highlights a menu option that most users may not have discovered:


[scroll down and look for Toolbars that are incompatible with Internet Explorer 7]

This menu option will at least prove that your IE7 installation is working as it should. Sadly IE7’s Tools->Manage Add-ons menu item is greyed out, so you can’t simply go in and turn all the Add-ons off from here. However, you can choose Tools->Internet Options and then click on the Programs tab thus revealing the Manage Add-ons button, as the screenshots here confirm.

Armed with the knowledge that IE7 was working fine, I could now set about looking for the offending Add-on. Without beating about the bush, it turns out that it was the Norton Internet Security Add-on that was causing all the problems: disabling it forced NIS to go in search of a fix for itself, which, to my amazement, it found. It would appear that I am not alone, others are having similar problems as this post suggests.

Anyway, my wife’s friend now has a working laptop, with IE7 and NIS running happily, so all is well. YMMV

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