Writing Technical Articles

I gave a presentation to an enthusiastic bunch of user group leaders today.

The presentation was about how I set about writing technical articles, it gave a series of hints’n’tips relating to such things as:

  1. Structuring an article (I recommend writing the Intro and Summary first)
  2. Page Layouts (column-based publications do mean writers have to spend a little time thinking about how much code they include and the size of screenshots)
  3. Common English Language usage pitfalls

Despite me being totally de-hydrated, the session ran on time!

The slide deck is available here.

My session was followed by the editor and publisher of DNJ Online – Matt gave a session about the process of sub-editing, contractual issues, libel, copyright and a whole host of other areas authors should be aware of. Amazingly, Matt and I didn’t talk to each other prior to delivery of our sessions; equally amaziningly, our sessions complemented each other rather well 🙂