Oz: First team dinner

Dinner tonight was in Vivace, an Italian restaurant on Bennett Street. I enjoyed a Caesar salad con pollo followed by espresso. It seems that Caesar salad is the same in Spanish, English and Italian.

I became a tiramisu salesman – I noted that the owner had placed his tiramisu at the back of the display cabinet. My careful marketing skills came in to play: “move them to the front and you’ll sell more”…within seconds of him moving them forwards, he sold five portions. I’m in the wrong job, marketers beware, I’m coming to get ya.

I sat myself at the head of the table, through luck more than anything else.  Oscar, from Chile, was sat next to me. Oscar and I spent much of the dinner exchanging language tips: he gave me a lot of Spanish tips and I gave him English tips (amazing I know, but hey, people change). Katya sat next to Oscar – she is from Las Republica Dominica and as such also “habla espaƱol”. This is the way to learn the language – Oscar actually spent the bulk of the weekend sorting out each our various language concerns.

Bizarre, there we were sitting in an Italian restaurant, practicing Spanish…and English – it worked both ways.