Oz: Team lunch and dinner on Saturday

Despite initial plans for a quick sandwich, as a group we ended up walking through the streets of Perth. Getting the team to decide on a suitable lunch venue proved difficult.  We actually ended up in a typical English-style pub – the Moon and Sixpence. I enjoyed a traditional Oz beer: Redback, on draught.

After a day at work, a day that included a brief walkabout during lunch, most of us ended up in the Fairlanes bowling alley. Oscar unfortunately did not join us…he got stuck in the hotel lift, for over 90 minutes.

Art and I “programming” the bowling computer

Despite a slightly bruised left knee, I managed four strikes, three of which were consecutive (a turkey) giving me a score of 159. The next highest score was 161, from Art. Speaking of Art, he brought along his family: wife Goshi and daughter Sabrina.

Dinner was held in south Perth, over the Swan river. The weather was not conducive to “walking it”. I enjoyed a medium to well-done sirloin steak, others enjoyed a variety of fish dishes. Beer: James Boag Premium (lager)

Penny, Richard and I stayed out for a beer. Only one – the bar was loud, it was raining and we had a river cruise planned for the next day. Noted that fuel is A$1.42 per liter, or £0.58…over here in the UK, we’re paying pennies off £1.00. Rip-off Britain again.  I learnt that Aussies “went spare” when the price went through a$1.00. Different cultures, different problems perhaps? No. I don’t think so, we should be striving for unification. We should borrow some more of the ideas from StarTrek and get our act together, removal of financial greed and geographical economies would benefit mankind so much.