On the way to Oz: Glasgow to Dubai

Glasgow to Dubai – Boeing 777-300 Extended Range (ER) with Emirates own Information Communication Entertainment (ICE) system including a 9″ screen in each headrest installed. Sweet. A seemingly endless supply of visual delights including films, comedy, sport, cartoons, etc. followed by some classic [Atari] games like Missile Attack/Command, Tetris, Chess and some 30 or so others. E-mail and SMS services were available at a cost, hence I did not partake in the activity (partly because I haven’t bothered to setup an e-mail address for WordPress posts as yet). It was a powerful aircraft, albeit the power came from just two engines – two rather large engines though.  

I traveled on the Wednesday after Thursday the UK security services discovered the plot to use liquid explosives on flights to the USA.  Luckily I was allowed to take my laptop into the cabin (even though it is a Dell, a Dell with a good [Sony] battery I might add!)  I also took my generic MP3 player, loaded with material from DNR and various other podcasting sources.

The flight duration was nearly 8 hours. I had my usual aisle seat, the middle seat was vacant and the window seat was filled by Graham of AXIS. Graham has worked in Dubai for the last 15 years, and like me, he struggles to understand the customer service ethos in the UK. Anyway, the flight, it quite literally flew by.

Upon arrival in Dubai I was stunned at the size of the Emirates fleet, more so when I realised just how many 777s are in their fleet: virtually every jetway we passed on the way to the transit lounge had a 777 of some description parked up. Awesome.

Anyway, the transit lounge was to be my home for the next few hours, from 0100 until 1000.

Dubai Duty Free had some interesting tourist stuff…

And some nostalgic soft drinks…so cheap too