Upgraded to WordPress 2.02

After deliberating for a month or two, I’ve finally upgraded this blog to WordPress 2.02. A Spam Karma upgrade was applied too.

One thing I would note, and this is a point well made elsewhere, if you are using Google AdSense make sure that your AdSense code is protected from WordPress’s new Preview feature. Easily achieved using something similar to this (lines 1 and 9 are the lines to look out for):

[code lang=”PHP”]
< ?php global $wp_query; if (!$wp_query->is_preview): ?>

5 thoughts on “Upgraded to WordPress 2.02”

  1. I have to say that I’ve been avoiding an upgrade to WordPress 2 for a while now. After the reports of problems I heard with the initial release, I’ve been waiting for something a bit more stable – vanishing posts don’t exactly inspire confidence!

  2. I’ve since *found* the vanishing post…oddly, it elected to publish itself two days in the past. I’m sure this wasn’t me…anyway, vanish was perhaps a strong choice of word…an element of forgiveness may be on offer!

  3. Just upgrade one of my sites (http://www.grumblingtummy.com) to the latest WordPress 2.0.2 without any hitches. Smooth and many new features. The WYSIWYG editor sucks big time – no one should use it yet!

    On Craig’s recommendation I also installed the CodeSnippet plugin. Very nice indeed.



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