Two years with broadband…

Well, that’s two years to the day since ADSL was activated and two years to the day since I started enjoying an always-on connection.

Have a guess how many times I’ve spoken to my ISP, Zen Internet? Not once. Never. And apart from the initial order’n’setup e-mails from two years ago, I’ve never had to e-mail them either.

I have only needed to bounce my NetGear router twice, both times due to abnormal weather conditions causing issues with the BT line.

Zen Internet have proven to be extremely reliable and worthy of recommendation.

If you don’t believe me, go here and compare Zen against other ISPs…the results are, well, rather favourable!

2 thoughts on “Two years with broadband…”

  1. The few times I’ve experienced downtime it has been issues with the BT network side of things.

    Recently migrated away from Zen because I could double my speed and pay nearly half the price I was paying to Zen. Last month’s invoice was only £25.99 inc VAT for a 1Mb, office (20:1) connection. Performance and support are well comparable with Zen Internet.

    Can really notice the difference with the 1Mb connection. Would have taken a faster connection but BT can’t supply any faster connection to my home/office.

  2. Definitely second Zen as being a great choice for ISP. Quite often when I have discussions about ISP’s people seem put off Zen by the cost, people getting attracted by the cheap deals. However with Zen, as with you I’ve never had any technical problems, plus the service is rock solid – whereas my parents who upgraded their Demon dial up account have had a number of times the service has just died, I’ve never had a problem.

    Well worth paying the little bit extra and getting a quality service.

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