DDD2 – picking up the pieces…

Blogsphere has been busy over the last two weeks, talk about DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper 2 has been rife:

  • Barry Dorrans. Great point about the on-line voting. We’ll be weeding out dubious votes! More here.
  • Over at Channel 9, Sabot has been busy.
  • Sabot has also been busy posting about DDD2 under his real name, Dave Oliver.
  • Charles Cook
  • James Crowley
  • Sarah has blogged here and here.
  • Liam Westley has been praised for leaving the speaker notes in the slide deck, a nice touch.
  • Peter Foot, new speaker, keen to get feedback – this is what DDD and community is all about: there are lots of new speakers out there with content that interests us all. This is something that Ian Cooper does a good job of drumming home.
  • Ian Smith makes some good comments – we’ll pick up on these for next time, rest assured.
  • Richard Peat covers DDD2 here and here.
  • Guy Smith-Ferrier has blogged about it here.
  • Dave McMahon blogs about DDD2
  • Nick Swan hints that he might provide a Sharepoint and webparts session for DDD3. Noted! We’ll be in touch Nick!
  • Richard Jonas provides a very nicely written piece – I’m kicking myself for not seeing Richard there, it would have been good to meet up!
  • Simon Harriyott has blogged out DDD over here and has fun with rhyming over here
  • Richard Costall wrote a DDD report here
  • Daniel Fisher (aka lennybacon) has some photos over here

If I’ve missed you out, please let me know and I’ll be glad to add you to this list of DDD supporters!

Oh, and the Geek Dinner that was organised by Sarah, the podcasts are available here. Kudos to Dave Oliver (aka Sabot over at C9) for recording the podcasts! Might I add that my voice (in the second recording) was subject to:

a) a heavy dose of the ‘flu and
b) a few beers and some wine (even my recent blogcast sounds better, although I’m still troubled with the ‘flu and a heavy cold, violins, out!)

One of the gentlemen noted above gave me his personal business card, supplied by gapingvoid. Whilst well off-topic, I found the card hilarious, I hope this link works for you.

If you are interested in speaking at a community or user group event, whether it’s “down south” in England or here in the north (Scotland), let me know, listen to what I have to say here [96K] – or feel free to contact any of the other members of the team: Craig Murphy, Benjamin Mitchell, Tony Rogerson, James Crowley, Phil Winstanley, or Jonathan Hodgson. [Microsoft staff also form part of the team, however I’m not sure they’d appreciate their e-mail alias being published here, although I’ll happily be corrected if required.]

DDD3 – 2006? I can’t wait, especially since we have all these new tools and topics to write about, talk about and blog about!