Call For Speakers: DDD Ireland “ah go on!”

After Galway last year we’re taking DDD to Belfast this year and you can be involved.

The call for speakers is open and awaiting your submissions. Like all DDD events there here will be NO Microsoft speakers presenting, just speakers from the [.NET] developer community; although we will have many of the Irish Developer Platform Evangelists (DPEs) on hand to help out and chat to attendees.

The day is put together by the community for the community, in other words you. We thank our sponsors who have helped make the event possible: Microsoft have graciously sponsored the event! The event is free to attend and will be held on Saturday 4th April so you don’t even need to take time off work.

Do you have the urge to present? Then register and submit a session. Not sure about your presentation skills, but would like to suggest something you’d like to see then you can submit your suggestions using the new for 2009 Request a Session page! Somewhere in between? Drop me an email, I’m sure we can find a seasoned speaker to act as a mentor – this could be your first big break! (my e-mail address is over to the right-hand side of this blog!)

We’d love to have speakers from the island join us again, ah go on, ah go on, ah go on go on go on…

The call for speakers and sessions runs from the 12th of January until the 2th February. The community can then vote on the suggested sessions from the 3rd February until the 2nd of March with the conference itself taking place somewhere in Belfast on Saturday 4th April. The venue is still to be confirmed, but the date and the event are set in stone!

Submit your session via the DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper Belfast web-site!

Learn more about future DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper (DDD) events via the DDD aggregator!

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