Our Moth 2009 Community Calendar – the secret project

I am pleased to announce that my secret project is now complete!

2009 is just next month, so I thought I would create a special calendar! Here in the UK, probably over in Greece and now over in Seattle, The Moth delights audiences with his technical know-how and witty commentary.

In the UK we do miss Daniel. So, in order to keep Daniel in our thoughts for a bit longer, I give you Our Moth 2009, a Community Calendar!

If you’re a UK MVP you may recall that the lovely Vicki sent out an MVP calendar for 2008. You should find this calendar prints to the correct size to fit the MVP calendar holder. You’ll have to do a little printing and cutting yourself, sorry…I can’t do everything for you!!

Any mistakes are my own, but I can’t be held responsible for them! But do tell me if you discover a mistake: via comments here, e-mail or Twitter, so I can fix them!

If you download the calendar and like it, show your appreciation to Daniel by leaving a comment here!

Enjoy and please do share amongst your communities!

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5 thoughts on “Our Moth 2009 Community Calendar – the secret project”

  1. @leon: yes, Dan knows about and gave us his approval to ship

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